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SAFE aims to improve the diagnosis of DIE by TVUS through education and workshops.

SAFE also provides information where expert ultrasound assessment for endometriosis are currently available.

Dr Sofie Piessens

Research and publications related to endometriosis

Can anyone screen for deep infiltrating endometriosis with transvaginal ultrasound?


A/Prof George Condous

Research and publications related to endometriosis

The use of ultrasound-based 'soft markers' for the prediction of pelvic pathology in women with chronic pelvic pain - can we reduce the need for laparoscopy?

Sonorectovaginography: A new sonographic technique for imaging the posterior compartment of the pelvis.

The use of intra-operative saline sonovaginography to define the rectovaginal septum in women with suspected rectovaginal endometriosis: a pilot study.

Sonovaginography: redefining the concept of a "normal pelvis" on transvaginal ultrasound  pre-laparoscopic intervention for suspected endometriosis.

Exclusion of an endometrioma on transvaginal ultrasound does NOT exclude endometriosis.